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Baseball Stadiums - A Vendors Perspective

Comisky Park/U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox) (Union -YES) (High Vendor Turnout - Lowest end of pay scale for a Union Building) - Actually a Very good park to Vend in. This Stadium my not be sold out, but because of the great Chicago work ethic events here are better than most Ballparks. This is an easy vend park in that you can get to every section by just crossing over to it. The lower deck long aisles make it good for vendors to make a good amount of sales in a smaller area, where as in some stadiums the aisle may be short thus making you as a vendor travel further to make sales. Vendor Rating 8.5

Wrigley Field - (Chicago Cubs) (Union - YES) (Most Vendors in the Country for Baseball - Lowed end of pay scale for a Union Stadium) - If you can't make any money here you may as well think of another career. In most ballparks, Beer is the only product that makes any amount of money and yes at Wrigley Field it's the same, with a twist. Being that it is the ballpark with the most vendors, it's still amazing that there are long lines at the concession stands. As a Vendor I find this a bit of a grueling vend in that the sections are relatively small, the aisles are narrow and for the life of me can't understand why the fans just don't sit and watch the game (even in a winning season). Vendor Rating 7.9

Comerica Park - (Detroit Tigers) (Union - YES) (Medium Turnout of Vendors - Higest End of Pay Scale for a Union Stadium)- What a great Stadium to not only work, but to watch a game as well. The economy has not been good to Detroit in the last few years, but this is one of the places to go to see TRUE Baseball fans who are passionate about their team. Comerica is an easy vend in that the aisle here are exceptionally long, but a bit cluttered with the middle railing which makes some of the aisle a bit smaller. Those railings make this some what of a hard Vend. Vendor Rating 7.6

Miler Park - (Milwaukee Brewers) (Union - ?) (Medium amount of Vendors - Lower end of pay scale, not sure if a Union Stadium or not) - Another ballpark with an easy vend, even in the upper deck, yes it may be a bit steep, but with the short decks in the upper deck, it likes walking out onto a balcony. So if you are seeing if there is another vendor in the aisle what a great way to look up or done. Sales are steady at Miller Park and you can catch some good baseball in the progress. Vendor Rating 6.5

Busch Stadium (Old) (St. Louis Cardinals) (Union - Yes) (On the High end of Vendors and mid-level of pay scale for a Union Stadium) - Very easy to work the upper deck at this stadium, however the field level was a bit of a nightmare. This is also one of those stadiums that even as a vendor you can get turned around very quickly. Vendor Rating 5.2

Busch Stadium (New) (Same as Old) - Well they changed a lot with the new stadium, easier to work field level than it is to work the upper levels. To work the upper levels you need to be swift and know your way around or it's going to be a long event. In the upper deck you can work 3 to 4 sections at a time, however if you need to move on to another area be prepared to walk around something, through something, up or down stairs or even take an escalator. This is a great ballpark to see a game but a bit hard to work in. BTW - after traveling to so many ballparks, I have to say that Cardinals fans are by far the most knowledgeable in baseball. Vendor Rating 4.3

Dolphin Stadium (Florida Marlins) (Union - NO) (Small group of Vendors - Average pay scale for a non-union stadium)- Why a baseball team would want to play in the caverns of a football field is beyond my understanding. As a place to vend it is a bit of a nightmare, like the old Busch Stadium, you have to walk through a short tunnel to get to field level seating,being a Vendor this is not good as we need to know if there is a vendor with like product in the area so we can go elsewhere. The process of going through these tunnels wastes precious vending time. Vendor Rating 2.2

PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates) (Union - Yes) (Smallest group of Vendors - one of the highest pay scales of a Union Building - differential in pay between union and non-union vendors plus seniority pay raises) - What an easy place to vend however - stay on your side. Vendors come out of different areas as they do in all ballparks however it's a little different here as Home Plate is your dividing line, in most ballparks it's Vendor Courtesy to stay on 'Your Side' but here it's a rule. This ballpark has one of the best views in baseball. Sales are small, as the vendors tend to congregate on the concourse so the fans are really not sure what vendors are. I have done well in the seats here as I was one of the few who actually went in the seats. Vendor Rating 8.4

Angel Stadium (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) (Union - Yes) (medium sized vending force, medium size pay scale for a Union Stadium) NO BEER HERE, yes in California there is actually a law forbidding Alcohol Sales in the Seating area of a Stadium, Arena or Venue. I worked both the upper deck and field level here. Much easier to work on the field level, longer aisles and more fan interaction. Vendor Rating 5.9

AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants) (Union - Yes) (medium sized vending force, higher end of pay scale for a union stadium) NO BEER HERE, explained (Angel Stadium). This is another stadium that is pretty easy to work in both upper and field level. Giants fans too are among the most Baseball educated fans I have run across in my travels. Vendor Rating 8.1

Petco Park (San Diego Padres) (Union - ?) (small vending force, lower pay scale food products) - Another great ballpark, blending the new with the old, however they mist the mark by not facing the stadium towards the harbor. This is a bit of a hard Vend as it's in the style of patchwork quilts, like the new Busch Stadium, there is a lot of moving around to find the next section. Vendor Rating 3.2

Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies) (Union - YES) (medium vendor force - higher pay scale for a Union Stadium) My favorite ball park to vend in, fans that know the game and also know when their own team screws up, and lets them know about it....instantly. I would put the Phillies fans as being knowledgeable about the game, there team, and even the opposing team for the day at the top of the fans list. The system they have in place in each vending room is by far the best, as you are buying your next load the com workers are getting you next load ready, all you have to do is pay, get your tub, ice it down and go. A well oiled machine. Vendor Rating 9.5

Turner Field (Atlanta Braves) (Union - Yes) (smaller group of vendors - medium pay for a union stadium) - A good ballpark to vend in, long aisle on field level and a straight shot in the upper deck. Suggestion for those of you working the field level, watch out for the step even with the top of the dugout in the outfields, it's a different size than the rest and you just might trip. Turner Field also has the larger NON-Vending area of any park I have worked, same as the Scout seats at US Cellular and Premium Seating at CBP. It goes from the outfield end of one dugout to the outfield end of the other and up to the first aisle. The crew in the vending rooms here is also top knotch like in Philly but Philly has them beat by a mile. Vendor Rating 7.4

Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks) (Union - ?) (small group of vendors and medium pay scale) - Glad they can close the roof and put the air on, I worked here in July and it was 105 outside, would have loved to jump in the pool here. Vending here was a combination of Atlanta (large non-vending area) and AT&T park, very easy vend but sorry these fans I think only come out for the air conditioning and don't seem to know what's going on. Vendor Rating 4.8

Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles) (Union - YES) (small group of vendors but some of the best I have seen, pay scale is on the high end) Camden Yards good ballpark atmosphere, it has the old feel with an updated look, I'm not buying it.....more like a 60's style ballpark period. Easy vend good sales and the vending rooms run well. Not sure if the vending contract still gives vendors a 1% bonus for working in the upper deck, I think that's good incentive to get guys to work upstairs. Good sites around the ballpark as well, street vendors selling their food and a few good eating establishments as well, near the wharf and 2 blocks from where Babe Ruth was born. Vendor Rating 6.3

Yankee Stadium (Old) (New York Yankees) (Union - Yes) (large group of vendors - higher end of pay scale)

Shea Stadium (New York Mets) (Union - Yes) (large group of vendors but a bit smaller than Yankee Stadium - higher end of pay scale)

RFK Stadium (Washington Nationals) (Union-Yes) (Medium group of vendors - higher pay scale with a sliding scale, I personally like sliding scales as it gives incentive for vendors to work harder. Fan base seems to be a lot of suits here, not much family action, maybe with the new park they have a better family base. Just like the old Busch Stadium vending was easy in the Upper Deck and a bit challenging for the filed level. Vendor Rating 5.4

Metrodome (Minnesota Twins) (Union-Yes) (Smaller group of vendors - medium pay scale)

Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians) (Union - Yes) (medium group of vendors - medium pay scale)

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (Texas Rangers) (Union - NO) (medium group of vendors - medium pay scale)

Oakland Coliseum (Oakland Athletics) (Union - Yes) (small group of vendors - higher end of pay scale)