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Vendor Rules

These rules are a guide for most stadiums and venues.

Vendor To Fan

  1. Always be polite.
  2. Serve the fan as quick as possible so other fans can enjoy the event. Always bend down (They are there to see the game not how well you can sell your product, pour a beer or make a hot dog.)
  3. Always give back correct change. (Never ask if they want their change back. It is theirs. If they want to give you a gift that is up to them. It is also rude and makes you look like a beggar.) Soliciting Tips is not allowed. Selling product for the wrong amount is Theft and will be treated as such.
  4. Never disrespect the Home Team. (You are working for them.)
  5. Serve responsibly you are the last defense against someone being over-served.(Someone's life is not worth you making an extra buck)
  6. Do Not cut through the seating area while the game is on, unless there are no fans in that section or are seated in the lower seats, pass behind them.

                 7. Never sell off of a Garbage can this is considered unsanitary.

                 8. Do Not Sell during the National Anthem of Any Country and remove your Hat.

                 9. Cell phone use is never allowed during working hours.

Vendor To Company

  1. Respect Management of the Venue even if they are visiting managers. Insubordination and grandstanding is not tolerated. This is grounds for termination.
  2. Bring any problems to either the Venue Management or if the need arises to the Union (Where Union Representation is available)
  3. Vend whatever product you are given for the day and make the best of it.
  4. Visiting another Stadium as a Vendor, respect their rules as if your Job depended on does.

Vendor To Vendor

  1. ONE Vendor per Aisle, per item, unless the venue permits two or more.
  2. DO NOT cut off another Vendor, or take away a sale.
  3. DO NOT slice a Vendor, by traveling between the seats.
  4. RESPECT another Vendors sale.
  5. NEVER Argue with another Vendor in view of the fans.
  6. It is never proper to ask another Vendor how much he made in either commission or in tips.